Rules of Subject Agreement with Examples

When it comes to writing, subject-verb agreement is one of those grammar rules that can make or break your credibility. At its core, subject-verb agreement means that the verb in a sentence should match the noun in number (singular or plural).

Let`s dive deeper into the subject-verb agreement rules with some examples:

Rule #1: Singular subjects take singular verbs.

Example: The cat chases the mouse.

In this sentence, “cat” is a singular subject, and “chases” is a singular verb that agrees with the subject.

Rule #2: Plural subjects take plural verbs.

Example: The dogs bark loudly.

In this sentence, “dogs” is a plural subject, and “bark” is a plural verb that agrees with the subject.

Rule #3: Collective nouns can be either singular or plural, depending on the context.

Example: The team is winning the game.

In this sentence, “team” is a collective noun that represents a group of individuals working together. Since it is considered a singular entity, the verb “is” is singular.

Example: The team members are celebrating their victory.

In this sentence, “team members” is used instead of the collective noun “team,” making it clear that there are multiple individuals. The verb “are” is plural to match the plural subject.

Rule #4: Indefinite pronouns like “everyone,” “anyone,” and “someone” are always singular.

Example: Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

In this sentence, “everyone” is an indefinite pronoun that refers to a group of people. Since it is always singular, the verb “is” is also singular.

Rule #5: When using “either/or” or “neither/nor,” the verb should agree with the closest subject.

Example: Neither the cat nor the dog likes broccoli.

In this sentence, “dog” is the closest subject to the verb “likes,” so it is singular to match the singular subject.

By following these subject-verb agreement rules, you can ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and professional. Remember, good grammar is essential for effective communication, both in SEO and in everyday life.

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